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If you are interested in purchasing Digital Stamp files from us, we are thrilled.  As with our rubber stamps, we are an angel company.  You may print these on paper to put on any paper crafting project to then sell.  You may not in any way redistribute the file itself for selling, sharing, lending, or any other purpose.  You may not use these files to produce any other tangible item such as rubber stamps, tshirts, logos, etc.  You may print them out on other tangible items for PERSONAL use only.  To do this, you must be printing from home.  Under no circumstances may you submit the graphics or wordart to produce another product to a third party.  Doing so will result in legal action.  :)  You may not claim the artwork as your own.

You MAY resize them in any manner you would like.  Flip them, crop them, use pieces of them, etc.


How do you get your file?  Easy peasy!  You can download them youself!  After payment is received, simply go to your order page and click on the name of the stamp to download.  If you have any problems what so ever, so would like the file in a format other than jpeg, please feel free to contact us and we will get them emailed out to you ASAP!





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