Paper Makeup Stamps

We are an angel company!

We are thrilled if you'd like to use our stamps when making cards and other crafting projects.  If you would like to use our stamps for your own business (selling at craft fairs, boutiques, etsy, etc), then we're honored!  Please credit the company as the stamp manufacturer whenever possible.  Also, all images must be hand stamped and not reproduced or copied in any form by any means (mechanical, graphic, electronic including photocopying, scanning, etc) with the exception of digi stamps which of course may be printed only but not in batches larger than 20 please.  Selling images alone is STRICTLY prohibited whether hand stamped or printed. The stamped image must be attached to a finished piece of work.

Digital images may be resized and used as you would like for any papercraft project.  If you find something to add or need to remove, this is also fine.  Altering rubber images is also fine so long as it is something you can physically alter (masking, paperpiecing, etc). 

PMS designs may not be used for logos, trademarks, quickpages or put into kits and sold under another name.  If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to email us!








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